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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi, My name in Chris. I have been getting people in shape for 13 years, in the greater Philadelphia area and also in Florida and Texas. I have trained everyone from children to athletes to senior citizens, and certainly quite a lot of “ordinary people” looking to “tone up and slim down.” I have worked in gyms and studios, done in-home training, and outdoor boot camp-style training, even on the beach.

I got into fitness training when I was still a student at Temple University. I had always loved exercise and been athletic, and wanted to do something fun and active to make money, so becoming a fitness trainer was a natural fit. I have never regretted the decision.

I have also been a teacher and tutor over the years, and even in fitness like to think of myself as a kind of educator: teaching people to understand exactly how to exercise and why. My workouts are always client-specific—designed, that is, to achieve people’s particular goals, whatever they may be. After all, there is no universal rule in fitness other than hard work. So a good workout must be consistent with a person’s specific needs.

I am known for pushing my clients, and I do not promise easy results. Nor do I accept excuses. But, despite my no-nonsense approach—the best kind to have when it comes to getting people healthy and fit—I temper my workouts with jokes and humor, in order to make them lively and enjoyable.

I am a huge motivator—I try to get my clients to envision how they want to look and how they want feel about themselves. I then get them to overcome negative thinking, convincing them that they really can look and feel a lot better. My final step is to make them exercise hard and consistently, making the vision an achievable reality.

I am a strong advocate of functional fitness. I do use some exercise machines, to be sure, but for the most part I stick to free weights and bands, cables and other devices used out in space: it is important not to neglect the stabilizers; plus, people need to learn how to move the body as it is supposed to function, out in space, mirroring real life as much as possible. In this way the workouts will carry over to real life functions as much as possible.

Though not a nutritionist or dietician, I offer nutrition counseling for clients who need guidance concerning what to eat. And though knowledgeable about a variety of healthy foods, my motto here is simple: “Eat clean most of time, eat only when hungry, and eat only enough to feel full.” And I like to add, to highly stubborn clients: “Remember, the junk food doesn’t taste as good as you will feel if you keep eating right.”

Like many veteran trainers, I believe in mixing it up, both to ensure progress by not doing the same things and to keep workouts fresh and interesting. One day it is sprints and athletic drills. Another day it is classic full body lifts: squats, deadlifts and presses.

I have a flexible schedule, reasonable rates, and am always looking for new clients who are serious about getting healthy and fit. Regardless of your age or goals, I can help you, so please get in touch. Be sure to include some information about your exercise background, your goals, and any medical issues you may have.
I look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Chris



Education/ Certifications

  • Temple University BA and MA in English
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • (AAAI/ISMA) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Courses in Exercise physiology, A & P, Weight Training, and Nutrition
  • First Aid, CPR/AED American Heart Association


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