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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background.

Hello. My name is Mark.  I am certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer in Brick, NJ and a graduate of Rutgers University.  My approach to personal training is quite simple:  your goal becomes my goal. 

Your current physical condition and fitness level become "the old you", and we work together to bring you where you want to be.  The process is detailed and individualized to your specific situation. Workouts are challenging but fun, with a constant focus on improvement and gains.  Only commitment and effort bring results, so get started today!
Mark has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2002, and trains clients in the Jersey Shore area.   He has also earned a BA from Rutgers University and has been a member of the ACE/AARP trainer program since it began in 2008. He is also CPR and AED certified.
Mark has been involved in various athletic programs for many years, and feels that remaining active is one of the most important factors in a person's life.  The benefits of regular exercise are real and well documented, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life and also life to your years.
Mark believes that an honest, open and positive relationship between himself and his clients is the main reason people see the results they want and need.  Workouts with Mark are fast-paced and exciting,  and the focus is always on doing what is necessary to make the gains and improvements that lead to a satisfied client.
Whatever you current condition or goal, Mark is ready to discuss your individual situation and provide a plan for your success.  So contact Mark today and start getting the results you want!     


Education/ Certifications

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • CPR/AED/First Aid certified


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